Day 40 – 266.4 lbs

So today was a “hollow” day.  I’d eat my prescribed amount of food (I’m at 1/2 cup now) and I’d feel fullish (still don’t get a real full feeling just that I’m satisfied) but shortly after I’d be hungry again.  I ate about 1200 calories today and although I was told not to watch my calories yet I know this is more than most people are told to eat.  I did have ground beef which even though was extra lean was still high in calories so I know that contributed to it. 

I made a friend today who lives in Niagara Falls and they introduced me to a Facebook support group that is only for people who went to our clinic.  Which is AWESOME because I know they have the same rules as me.  They also have get-togethers and clothing swaps and some people have become really good friends.  So I’m hoping I’ll make a friend or two in “real life” (as opposed to my computer only friends) and maybe I’ll get me some cool clothes too.

So… as I mentioned I ate ground beef today.  I made tacos with homemade taco flavours.  It was yummy and I handled the ground beef like a pro.  The tummy wasn’t too sure about the wraps though and got a little bit of that full feeling.  Didn’t even think to check if I was allowed to have the wraps yet, and turns out I’m not 😦 so I’ll have to wait till week 5 before I try again. 

Nothing much else to report. 

Todays weight: 266.4

Starting weight: 320

In-Hospital weight: 285.3

Total weight lost so far: 53.6 lbs





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