July 21st – 2 month surg-a-versary day!

Today I went to the gym and did my first work out. It went better than I expected. I was sweating, but not profusely like I would have been had I went last year at 320lbs. I also invested in 7 hour-long personal training sessions and I really like my trainer, Brenda. She’s probably 10 years my junior but is super friendly and motivating.

I had been feeling nauseous whenever I eat since about July 1st. Went for my scope last week and no findings – everything looks good. I have no ulcers and no strictures – basically no reason why I should be getting sick. I moved to Guelph last weekend and was feeling quite sick. When I think back, I think it might be stress related because I seem to feel I’ll whenever I’m stressed out. Like today, I went to drop off a couple resumes and I was feeling nauseous.

Treatment is gravol every 4 hours, but I haven’t been taking it because I can handle it. I haven’t actually thrown up in over a week.

Guelph is going well. I’m really enjoying being with Sean and we’re spending a lot of time together. I just wish I could find a job here!

My clothes are beginning to really not fit. I mean they’re hanging off me! Which should be a good feeling, but with money being tight it’s a pain. I found a couple shirts at value village today so that’s good.

Here are my numbers:
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Surgery date weight: 277 lbs
Today’s weight: 244 lbs


July 8th, 246 lbs!

Hello all! I haven’t blogged in a while for a few reasons. First, not much has been happening to me personally. I’ve been hanging out with my aunt and boyfriend and getting ready to move. My boyfriend and I have a friend whose husband had a heart attack (he’s doing better) and my daughter and I have been hanging out. The only thing of weight loss related importance that’s been happening is that I’ve been feeling very ill this past 8 days. Every time I eat, I feel like I’m going to be sick – no matter what or how fast/slow I eat. I also randomly get nauseous and/or throw up. I’ve called the clinic and am waiting for a call back. I don’t feel sick like with the flu or anything… in fact other than yesterday, with a blinding headache, I feel fine right up until I get that watery mouth/throw up feeling.

I’m down to 246 lbs though, so that makes me happy and made me want to blog. I’m under 250!! woot! I still don’t think I’m losing as fast as other people, but I know (I know!) I’m not supposed to compare myself to them. I am losing all over too, I can’t complain about the weight loss part. My hair is coming out a bit, but not as much as other people and with feeling sick all the time I’ve been having an impossible time getting (keeping) all my vitamins and protein in. I’m still trying though, I haven’t given up.

I’m back to work full time… well, I’m supposed to be, anyway. I’ve missed 2 days (Friday and Monday) because I’ve been so sick. Yesterday I couldn’t move my head without getting nauseous and I slept most of the day away. I threw up twice for no reason – just out of the blue I got sick. And since Tylenol is all I’m allowed to take for pain (which has never worked for me) I suffered a LOT. But I’m a bit better today. Headache is gone but still feeling ill when I eat.

I move to Guelph on Saturday! I’m so excited and overwhelmed. There is so much to do in the next few days and I feel like I just don’t have enough time to do it all. THANK GOD for Sean. He’s able to help me and I value it so much because he knows what I should bring and what he already has so its easy to purge. We might be going to the drive in today if it isn’t storming. We’re going to see a horror movie! I love horror movies lol.

Well, my headache’s gone – pain wise – but I still feel dizzy a bit so I’m going to go. Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 320 as of September, 2013
Weight on day of surgery: 277 (May 21, 2014)
Todays weight: 246

Total weight lost: 74 lbs
Weight lost since surgery: 31 lbs