I’ve learned in the past

To get attention fast

You need to tell the truth.

Be 100% real,

Just say how you feel,

Make sure to start in your youth.

Pay attention to your body,

Don’t let your checks be shoddy,

In fact, be a downright sleuth!


As oldest of five,

It wasn’t great to be alive,

I simply had too much fire.

I craved much attention,

But I must not have mentioned,

I’m not trying to raise your ire.

Feeling frequently dismissed,

I began putting up my fists,

And caused things to become dire!


Seeking note of any kind,

Bad seemed all I could find,

The very notion of good an aberration.

Diagnosed at eighteen,

(After causing quite the scene)

And landing a legal situation,

I did plenty of research,

I even looked into church,

But worse, now I get accusations!


Explaining what’s wrong,

Not singing any songs,

Medication becomes an issue.

Appear calm and collected,

Lies immediately suspected,

Doctors won’t let you continue.

Pain CAN’T be an eight.

Your face – WAY too straight –

We’re not doing anything for you!


Eyes harden, face red,

“To the ER!” my doc had said,

Just, damnit, give me my scans.

I’m not looking for meds,

Please, just check my head,

It wasn’t like this was a plan:

I took prescribed pills,

Then whacked my head in a spill,

Just check – I know you can!


“CT came back clear,

Now, get out of here!”

Didn’t know what it meant, but I left.

Broke down and cried,

My brain still feels fried,

I’m never believed; always bereft.

Because I am crazy,

The doctors get lazy,

And between body and mind see a cleft.


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