Day 30 – 269.2 lbs

Good morning! I wake up today with a weight off my chest.  I’ve been having chest pains for the past few days and I went to my follow up appointment with my GP who told me to go to the hospital.  She was worried about a blood clot.  So I went to the ER at St. Joe’s in Hamilton (about an hour away) because the Bariatric team suggests if possible to go back to the place that did the surgery as they have the experts there.  I got there at the same time as the rest of Hamilton decided to be sick.  The triage nurse said it was dead all morning and got super busy about 10 minutes before I got there.  Yay me.  I was only waiting for triage for about 20 minutes and thought maybe they’d be rushing me through seeing as how if it was a blood clot I could die… Well the triage nurse was super nice.  She took all my information and took my health card.  Looking at the picture, then looking at me, she says “How long ago was your surgery?” to which I replied “8 days” and she says “Wow.  You lost a lot of weight even before the surgery” which actually made me feel good because, of course, with low self esteem you don’t really notice any difference.  I look the same to me as I did 1 year and 50.8 lbs ago. 

So I’m done with the triage nurse and go to a waiting room where I wait for about 2 hours (by now it’s about 3 pm)  I finally get called in to see the ER doctor and I’m excited – this wasn’t as long as I expected it to be and good thing because I’m hungry and can’t eat anything the hospital sells.  So the ER doc asks me a bunch of questions and says “OK I’ll be right back,” but he never came back.  About 45 minutes later a nurse comes over and tells me to go to another waiting room. 

At the next waiting room I only waited about 20 minutes.  Then I got an ECG and blood work and moved on to another waiting room.  This waiting room was for an X-ray and I wasn’t there very long at all.   Then I got moved to another waiting room where I waited for HOURS.  I ended up with a CT scan (which feels very weird BTW – the dye they put in your veins gives you a feeling like you’re peeing your pants) because the X-ray was clear and my blood work was a little wonky but that could have been just from the surgery, not necessarily an indicator if I have a clot or not. 

After ELEVEN hours (yes, 11 freaking hours – I wasn’t the only one who took this long either) I was released as the CT scan came up clear.  I was told I have no indications of a blood clot and I must have pulled a muscle or just still been sore from surgery.  So I made my way home.  At 12:15 AM I arrived at my house, 10.5 hours before I need to go back to the same hospital an hour away to have a follow up appointment with my surgeon.  I was tempted to spend the night in the SUV so I didn’t have to make the trek again LOL but I was so tired I just wanted my bed and my CPAP machine.  I think when I finally made it into bed I might have blinked once and then passed out. 

My CPAP machine is acting up.  I need to ask about that at my appointment this morning.  I wonder if they pressure will need to be changed?  Because what I find happening is the seal will break and I’ll end up breathing through my mouth, waking up with a dreadfully dry mouth several times per night.  I can’t help but think maybe my pressure is too much and that’s why I’m suffering. 

Oh well, I feel better knowing I have no blood clot.  I wasn’t as worried as my doctor was, but she’s a great doctor so I listen when she tells me to do things.  She also didn’t yell at me or say anything about me being off my psych meds.  I had to stop taking them a few weeks ago because I couldn’t afford to renew the prescription.  I weaned myself off them over the course of about 3 weeks during the time where I wasn’t getting paid by disability and work hadn’t been paying me either.  I’m actually feeling really good without them.  I have more energy, although I tend to weep very easily at things like commercials or pictures of things that are happy/sad moments.  I DO NOT recommend going off your medications without a doctors consent though so DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME.  ALWAYS SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE CHANGING YOUR MEDS.  Not everyone will have a good experience like I was lucky enough to have. 

As for getting paid… well FINALLY disability has my paperwork.  They haven’t processed it yet, but they have it.  So I’ll hopefully be getting paid all that they owe me since March 3rd. 

My diabetes seems to be under control too.  My lowest sugar was 3.7 while I was in the hospital and my highest was 6.3 after lunch.  So I’ll probably be able to be a diet controlled diabetic from now on.  SUPER exciting!

Well I think that’s it for today.  I’ve got to leave in about an hour to go to my follow up with the surgeon.  I’ve got some questions I’ve got to re-think of since I’ve forgotten them all and know I used to have about 5.

Weight today: 269.2 lbs

Weight loss since surgery: 16.1

Weight loss since April 30 when I started Optifast diet: 22.2

Weight loss since 1 year ago when I started this process: 50.8


Day 27 – 270.4 lbs

Today was kind of a bad day.  I was feeling sore and tired from walking around the mall and doing stuff the last couple days since I’ve been home from the hospital.  My stomach muscles are a bit sore, and I’m still pretty gassy when I eat or if I move around too much.  I know I need to get the gas out, and moving around is the answer, but too much moving gives me chest pain and severe abdominal pain which I had yesterday and a little left over today.  I decided I wasn’t going to do much today and was just going to have a lazy day but my boyfriend was concerned I was going to be like this forever.  Which I thought was unfair, but of course I didn’t say anything because I don’t like confrontations.  So we went to Target today and did some walking.  I was pretty uncomfortable by the end of the store but I didn’t say much as it was bad but it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday. 

I did some research on food intake, calories, etc. and found a “handbook” given out in Minnesota USA to its bypass patients.  It actually had a lot more post-op information in it that I found useful.  I found out my continued gas is completely normal and that for the next year I can expect to intake approximately 600 calories a day.  It also had some pretty good examples of how to get all your protein in during the day so I printed out a bunch of papers.  I’ll bring them to my dietitian’s appointment whenever it is I get one.  I emailed my dad and asked when he had bowel surgery how his gas pains were and he says his got to be excruciating.  Mine haven’t been that bad since day 1 post-op but they’re still bad.  He says he still gets bad pains some times depending on what he eats.  Good to note. 

I called the clinic back today to schedule a follow up appointment with the surgeon’s office.  Turns out I have one already scheduled for this Friday at 10:50 AM which no one bothered to tell me about.  Good thing I called!  So Thursday I go for a follow up with my family physician and then Friday with the clinic.  Busy week!

Next week, on Wednesday, I have to take my SUV in to the shop (for free) as it is still making that horrible noise.  I’m nervous to drive it to Guelph on this Thursday and back to Welland for Friday and then back again on the Wednesday but I’m really hoping it’ll be ok.  It’s good that it’s going to be for free as today only marks one week of it being in my posession. 

I have hiccups right now.  Talk about uncomfortable!  Hiccups are never fun, but with sore tummy muscles they’re REALLY not fun.  I’m trying everything I can think of to get rid of them, but I’ve had them for over half an hour already.  I have to be careful about complaining about them though because I do know they could be worse.  When Sean had them, he had them for 3 days straight. 

Other than the gas, runs and a bit of sore muscles I’m having no real side effects.  I can get up from sitting or lying down with virtually no pain and I haven’t taken pain killers once since I’ve been home.  I’m still going to stay off work until I’m pretty much healed and eating solids.  I sometimes feel like I should be losing more weight than I am, almost like I should wake up skinny as much as I know that’s very stupid and unrealistic.  But I’m losing about 2 lbs a day right now and that ROCKS. 

Todays Weight: 270.4

Weight 1 year ago when I started this process: 320

Weight 3 weeks before surgery, when taking Optifast diet: 291.4

Weight in hospital: 285.3

Total weight lost since hospital: 14.9

Total weight lost since April 30: 21

Total weight lost since 1 year ago: 49.6

Day 26 – 272.6 lbs

Today started off great.  I woke up in hardly any pain from incisions or gas at all.  I took Sean to St. Catharines, showed him where I worked and where is favourite radio station is.  We then went to the mall to walk around.  We got about half way through the mall and I had to ask him to slow down as I was starting to hurt.  We turned around and came back and then drove to Canadian Tire.  My new (less than a week in my posession) SUV was making an awful noise.  By the time we got to Canadian Tire I had to ask Sean if we could leave because I was in a lot of pain.  I’m still in pain and its been almost 10 hours.  I’m actually having chest pains. 

Good thing was I got a follow up call from the surgical ward of the Bariatric Clinic and they said they aren’t worried based on how I’m explaining it.  Sounds like I might have just pulled something from walking too much.  I expressed some concern about how to get all my protein and calories in when I can eat real food and she suggested when I get a call back from the surgeon to arrange to see a dietitian as well.  I thought that was a good idea so that’s what I’m going to do.  Also, because my sugar’s been pretty low for me, it’s a good idea to find out how to keep it up by eating protein and not sugar. 

So I had my sister and her husband come and look at my SUV.  They’re both mechanics.  They took it out for a drive and came back and said they were worried about me driving it, especially since the place I bought it from and have a warranty with is in Guelph.  So I called my salesman and told him my concerns and he said he knew what the problem was and to call and make an appointment.  When I told them that it was brake clips on the new brakes that were rubbing they both disagreed and said there’s no way a clip is making that noise and shaking the whole car.  So I took it to their house and Theresa jacked it up and took the wheel apart.  Nothing visibly wrong so she put it back together and tightened everything.  We took it out again and the sound is gone so who knows what the problem was?  What I’m going to do is make an appointment to have it looked at for free on Friday when I’m in Guelph and if I don’t hear the noise before then I’ll just cancel it.  Sean and I were both pretty disappointed that it was scary after only 6 days in our posession but it seems like it might be ok now. 

Other than that, nothing exciting going on here.  I still haven’t thrown up, and I found out that burpy feeling I get after I eat is an indication I’ve eaten/drank too fast.  So I’m resolved to try and slow down.  I had a nice cup of decaf tea with milk and it lasted about 40 minutes.  So I’m still going faster than the hour they want me to take, but I’ll learn.  I’m thinking of getting small plates (like really small) from the dollar store so that I can have small portions and not feel left out.  Because even my small plates are actually pretty big and I’m having a lot of success with portion control with my applesauce, yogurt, and ice cream by using a 125 ml plastic cup I got at the hospital.  The only thing concerning me about food today is that I want to eat even though I’m not hungry.  So I’m doing other things like talking to Sean, blogging and going out.  I’m doing really well at not eating out of boredom because even if I only eat 125 ml at a time right now, eventually my tummy will stretch and I’ll start eating more and then I won’t keep losing weight and I’ll disappoint too many people (most importantly myself). 

Here are my numbers for today:

Current weight: 272.6

Weight loss since hospital weight: 12.7


Day 25 – 275.6 lbs

surgical incisions2

Today was a good day.  In fact, I had a great weekend.  Zoey came and visited even though Sean was here and best of all, she was actually beyond nice, she was pleasant.  We went to Wal-Mart yesterday so I could get cat food and litter and she would be the muscle (since I’m not allowed lifting anything).  Today we did some laundry and picked up her friend. 

I had a good day.  I managed to cook pasta for the girls and not eat any of it.  Don’t get me wrong, it was hard.  It smelled delicious so I had Zoey come and help me by distracting me while I dished it out.  This won’t normally be a problem because Sean can cook for himself, but Zoey had a friend over so I didn’t think it would be the best time to start teaching her to cook for herself.  Other than laundry I didn’t do much.  Which was good because I think I might have pulled something yesterday pushing the buggy at the store.  My tummy hurts a bit when I move sideways or stand up from a sitting position.  The brusing looks like its going down and I haven’t split any of my incisions so that’s good.  I’m also able to sleep on my side again which is great because I’m a side sleeper and having all that gas was horrible. 

I still have gas today.  It’s especially bad every time I eat.  So I figure that’s my new full feeling.  When I feel like I need to burp but can’t it means I’m full.  I’m a bit farty and Sean thought it was hilarious that I farted with him in earshot.  I didn’t really mean to but I needed to.  It didn’t smell or anything but he still laughed.  It’s a new step in our relationship, LOL. 

My incision pain is next to nothing.  It’s more like a pulled muscle feeling along with the gas pain.  I ate all my protein today, but I didn’t manage to get all my water in 😦 I’ll have to try again tomorrow and keep better track.  I managed to set the alarm on my pedometer so I’m going to be reminded to take my vitamins.  I completely forgot about the Prevacid, so I took it out and put it at eye level in the kitchen.  I still don’t have to take the needles with the blood thinners in them which rocks because I still have a painful bruise on each thigh from the ones they gave me in the hospital. 

I’m not feeling any side effects yet.  Not drowsy, or lethargic.  I feel pretty good.  Wish the pain would go away so I could get back to living life and getting skinny.  I keep looking over my food lists trying to memorize when I can eat certain foods because inevitably that’s what people are asking when they talk to me.  Most people seem completely blown away about what I’m doing.  But the truth is, what would you do to save your life?  Because that’s what I’m doing – I’m saving my life.  Already my diabetes is under control and my sugars are all normal.  I have attached a picture of my surgical incisions.  I’m under the impression not everyones are in the same places because I had had 2 previous laparoscopic surgeries but the marks that are circled are where the incisions are.  The other marks are either stretch marks or marks on the mirror LOL.

Weight for today: 275.6

Weight loss since surgery (Day 21): 1.4

Total weight lost since last year: 44.4

Day 24 – 278.4 lbs

Hello 🙂  I’m happy today because I finally got released from the hospital.  I had to stay an extra day because my hemoglobins were down, even though surgery went well and I didn’t bleed out or anything like that.  Dr. says surgery was perfect and he couldn’t have asked for better.  The last couple days I was in agony with gas pain but it’s starting to pass.  Right now I feel mild discomfort from the incision sites and a bit of pain when I “eat.”  I don’t feel full it feels like I have a gas bubble so it rumbles and hurts when I breathe in.  I guess that’s my cue to stop “eating.”  Today I had 2 Boost Diabetic meal replacements, 125 ml of diet peach juice, 125 ml of diet lemonade, a couple sips of gross hospital broth, and a bunch of water while I was at the hospital.  I had 2 meal replacements because my sugar dropped under 4 and they needed to get it back up.  When I got home I tried my new protein shakes.  SUPER GROSS.  But a fitness guru friend of mine suggested I mix it with my plain Greek yogurt so I did.  It turned into a vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt soup but it was tasty.  Better than broth and water.  So it took a few hours to eat that, I also tried to have some pudding but got less than 1/2 through the cup before I felt yucky.  I checked my sugar close to bed time and it was low again, so I got myself 3 spoonfuls of low fat, no sugar added, lactose free vanilla ice cream by Chapmans.  It sounded like it might taste yucky, but it was actually really good.  I’m glad I bought it. 


Haven’t really begun to lose any weight yet, but I’ve also only been off the IV for about 12 hours.  I should start dropping weight soon.  I’m also not feeling any side effects like lethargy or anything like that.  But I’m probably not nutrient difficient yet either.  Goal for tomorrow: take ALL  my medicine/herbals/vitamins at the PROPER time.  Sounds easy, but I’ve been having a rough time remembering.  I’ve got to set some alarms or something. 


Well, I’m tired.  Will post pictures of the incisions tomorrow (yay you!) just wanted to check in.

Todays weight: 278.4

Total weight lost since surgery (day 21): -1.4

Total weight lost since beginning this journey a year ago: 41.6

May 23rd – day 2 post op

Ask and you shall receive. Today I asked the nurse if there was a scale I could step on to get my weight. She warned me it would be higher than I expect because of all the iv fluids I’ve been taking. It is 285.3. Which is pretty good. I calculated my BMI and at 320 lbs I started off with 50.1. Now, at 285.3, I have a BMI of 44.6. The nurse said that was a great drop and actually asked how I had done it.

I’m so tired today. Have been sleeping off and on all day and then walking in between naps. I didn’t get released today like I had expected because my hemoglobin was low. Lucky me because of the stress I ended up with my period while I was being operated on and I have a history of long and heavy periods. Thankfully this was heavy but seems to be clearing up rather quickly. They tested me again and there has been no change in my hemoglobin levels so the nurses don’t see a reason why I can’t go home tomorrow. Of course I don’t have a ride again because I expected to be released today…

I’m so terribly bored. I’m finally allowed to drink 120 ml of clear fluid per hour and I was given a lemon Popsicle for dinner! It was yummy. The girl I share a room with didn’t get a Popsicle but she asked and they brought her one too. My tummy is still pretty gassy but not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I haven’t taken any pain meds since last night, but probably will around bed time because I have a headache. It still hurts when I breathe deeply or twist certain ways. And God forbid I try sleeping on my side! But for the most part I’m uncomfortable not in pain.

The only time I’m in acute pain is when the girl beside me gets up. She either doesn’t fit in a gown or just doesn’t care but she walks around with EVERYTHING hanging out. And goes the bathroom with the door open. She’s had it pretty rough. Her surgery was a few days ago but the pain never left her. Turns out her colon twisted and she had to go back in for another surgery to fix it. I’m glad nothing like that has happened to me.

I called work and disability today. Disability says they still haven’t received any paperwork about me being off at all. HR says they’ll get back to us but maybe we should re-fill out the paperwork. I’m furious but in too much discomfort to do anything.

Well I’m going to go. Getting drowsy again.

Weight: 285.3
Weight lost since starting optifast: 6.1

Day 22 – one day post operative

Today has been more of the same. I’m in pain but not at the incision sites, which must mean it’s from the gas they pumped into my abdomen. I’ve been up walking around trying to get the gas out but it’s not working. Despite that the nurses and doctor says I’m doing very well.

I’m still super thirsty but I’m actually allowed to drink… Sort of. I can only drink 30 ml at a time. As of how I’m up to 90 ml per hour. Basically that translates into 3 almost mouthfuls per hour. Not nearly enough if I’m walking around or talking. Thankfully the hours are going by pretty quickly for lunch I as given some jello and some diet lemonade. Better tasting than water. The jello and lemonade were when I was taking 60 ml per hour so they each lasted 3 hours long. For dinner I get another thing of lemonade and the paper says I’m supposed to get a coffee but I didn’t. I’m not making a fuss though seeing as how I don’t like coffee.

I called disability today as they never called me back and they were supposed to last Friday. They still haven’t gotten any records of me being on disability. So I called my boss and freaked out. He’s emailing someone in HR and telling them to call me ASAP. Of course they haven’t called yet either. So God only knows when I’ll be getting a pay cheque.

I got a phone call last night while I was in recovery and didn’t have my phone with me. It was in response to a job I applied for. So I called them back this morning but they never answered. I left a voicemail but they haven’t called me back either. I don’t recognize the name of the company but I recognize the job title and it is one I wanted. I think it’s through a hiring agency and that’s why the company name didn’t sound familiar.

I haven’t been able to weigh myself today either. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to go home so I’ll do it then. Talk to you guys soon!