Gotta vent…

Solemnly sitting – a cigarette dangling between painted lips

Contemplating life – brushing errant tears with trembling fingers

Inhaling smoke – lungs filling with death wish chemicals

Softly playing background music – a futile attempt to calm raging thoughts

Contradicting beliefs – not good enough but too good for this

Wanting to speak (to scream!) – bottling it all up inside

Alone… Lonely – avoiding life at all costs

Searching for something – never satisfied

Surrounded by self-imposed chaos – craving stability and normalcy

I want… I need – that thing that has no name

Grasping, reaching – ever elusive

What to do? Confused – asking the wrong questions

Almost prepared to settle – reluctant to lose that piece of me

Wanting to be more – not believing I’m deserving

Overlooked – willing wallflower melting into the background

Self inflicted isolation – yearning to break out

Never stopping – not really trying

No wonder I can’t sleep.