5 weeks post-op

So today I am officially 5 weeks post-op from having a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and I’m super happy with the results.  My surgery date got moved from December 21, 2016 up to November 30, 2016 due to the surgeon not being available through Christmas.

The first few days were very rough.  All my core muscles were screaming so any movement I made was just awful.  Then the gas hit.  About the second or third day I ended up with gas pains, and eventually being constipated.  It was excruciating until I had an enema and things got back to working again.  I also ended up with a yeast infection from the antibiotics I was on.  I ended up being on antibiotics for 2 weeks, as at my 1 week follow-up my incision was still quite red.

This is me the day I had my drains removed, 1 week post-op.2017-01-04-11-01-32

I went in the day of surgery weighing 162 lbs and today I’m 155 – Dr. Bengezi removed 7 lbs of tumor and excess skin, sewed my abdominal muscles together and moved my belly button.

I started this weight loss journey when I was 320 lbs.  I was diagnosed with diabetes and was depressed and just generally unhealthy.


May 21, 2014 I went in for Gastric Bypass Surgery performed by Dr. Gmora in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  I had lost some weight and was 277 lbs.


2 years after my gastric bypass I went to a plastic surgeon to see about having what I thought was an unfortunate amount/placement of extra skin that had started growing when I was 15 years old.

Dr. Bengezi of Welland took a look at me and said it wasn’t all extra skin; what I always called my “bump” was actually a form of a tumor, called a lipoma.  He had never seen one so big before and he took a lot of pictures.  He then sent in a request to OHIP (our provincial health care plan) to see if they would cover the cost of a panniculectomy to remove the bump.  I got a call back about 5 months after they sent the request that I had been approved.

The morning of surgery I get to the hospital and the nursing staff is great.  They tell me how much they love and respect Dr. Bengezi and how nice he is and what great work he does so I was more than comfortable and not nervous at all.  When I finally get to the OR I’m chatting with the nurses and staff and they all love Dr. Bengezi too.  When he comes into the room he almost brags to the nurses how big my “bump” is that he’s going to remove and how I lost 160 lbs and basically my story.  But then he says something I didn’t know… OHIP only covered a panniculectomy, which is basically just removing the bump and nothing else but Dr. Bengezi didn’t want me to look bad so he upgraded me to a full tummy tuck with muscle repair at no cost to me!  I had no idea.

Post-op I had only one complication – a seroma, which is a fluid build up.  Dr. Bengezi got me in right away and drained 170 cc of fluid. I went back the following week and he took out 120 cc.  The next time I went I had 40 cc removed and this most recent time none at all.  There’s still a tiny bit of fluid left but nothing to worry about and he says my body will absorb it by itself as the lymphatic system repairs.

So, now, at 5 weeks out I am ready to show my “after” pictures.  I’m still swollen and numb, and there are still some spots on the incision that are scabbed, but otherwise everything is great.  I am super happy with the results and cannot wait to get this binder off (essentially a large elastic band that compresses my tummy) and wear real pants, like jeans.  Ooh.. and a bathing suit.  I haven’t worn one in years because none covered my belly properly.

Here are my stats, before I show the pictures:

Highest Weight – 320 lbs (April, 2013)

Highest Waist Measurement – 58 inches

Highest Hips Measurement – 59 inches

Bypass Surgery Weight – 277 lbs (May, 2014)

Current Weight – 155 lbs

Current Waist Measurement – 35 inches

Current Hips Measurement – 39 inches




  1. I am extremely happy for you that things are going better for you. You sound.more.positive… good for you, you were way overdue for happier times
    Unfortunally, I wish I could say the same. Had my weight loss surgery 3 yrs ago. Have lost weight but have major complications… been in the hospital 8 times and have.gained ovee 40 lbs past in 8 wks, because I have to take steriods… which is very depressing.
    Keep up.the good work and positive attitude. Wishing you continued success in your journey. Remember to take good.care od yourself.

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