June 29, 2014 – 257.4 lbs

Yesterday we went to my dads wedding. I was proud of myself because I didn’t cry! I went with my boyfriend, Sean, and my daughter Zoey and her boyfriend. We all looked amazing!

Sean convinced me to try on a red/blue striped dress. I originally didn’t want to try it on because it was red and I usually only wear black and because of the stigma with horizontal stripes but I’m glad I did because it looked great! I got a picture of me and my daughter but we completely forgot to get a picture of him and I. I was sad because he looked exceptionally good yesterday.

We went to the reception (it was a lunch) and I took a piece of roasted chicken, one meatball, one piece of sausage 6 penne noodles, 2 pieces of zucchini, 2 pieces of roasted potatoes and 3 asparagus spears. I tried the chicken and only got a couple bites down. It wasn’t sitting well. So I tried 2 penne noodles and same thing. I knew if I kept going id be sick so I stopped eating for a few minutes. Now, I’ve been able to eat chicken and penne before so I don’t know if it was the heat or what but I just couldn’t stomach it yesterday.

After a few minutes I was able to get the meatball down and try the sausage, which was spicy so I only had one bite. I ate the zucchini pieces and all three asparagus spears. I had half of one piece of potato. So I didn’t do well with protein but I managed to get some food in which was much better than I did the day before where I only had a lunchable and 1/4 piece of fish. I just haven’t been hungry or able to eat without feeling sick lately.

It’s been really hot and humid here the last few days and I’m sure that has something to do with my tummy acting up. Because I haven’t been feeling well at all I have had trouble getting in my vitamins and water. This morning my legs cramped up while I was sleeping and usually the only way to fix them is to stand up and the muscles relax. Well, scary thing, I tried standing up and couldn’t. I fell about 4 times before I could actually manage to get up.

Yesterday my aunt and boyfriend and I went to a restaurant for dinner. I had a veggie kabob, coleslaw and steak. I wasn’t hungry and ate maybe 1/3 of the steak, about a 2 inch piece of corn, one mushroom off the kabob and some mushrooms from on top of the steak. It all tasted wonderful but I just couldn’t eat. So I’m going to try again today. I’ve got to do groceries but with nothing being appealing or able to sit well my desire is to just not go.

I also have to return my boyfriend to his home in Guelph. Sad face. The closer we get to moving in together the harder it is to send him home or to leave him there. I have a full house over night and he had to sleep on the couch. It’s still pretty early here and I know he stayed up late and he’s still sleeping on the couch and I’m sitting on the love seat. He’s so adorable when he sleeps. I don’t want to disturb him so I’m leaving him alone even though I’d rather wake him up and share his company. But I guess I’ll go back to bed (where my daughter is sleeping) and try to get a bit more time. I only slept about 4 hours so kind of tired.

So numbers for today:
Current weight 257.4 lbs
Starting weight: 320
Weight on day of surgery: 277 lbs