Nothing much to say

I haven’t posted much because I really haven’t had much to say.  Things are going pretty well.  I’m between 145-155 lbs pretty steadily.  My health issues have either dwindled to completely manageable (not even worth mentioning) to completely gone.  My depression is mostly under control.  Relationship seems to be going good.  Better than good, actually.

So Sean got really into Star Wars and with the newest movie that was just released he got really, really, into it.  He convinced me to go see the new movie and I loved it too.  He ordered a saber from UltraSabers online, and I shook my head at the extravagance but whatever, I was happy he was happy.  Then I held the thing.  It is quality.  It is heavy but not too heavy and you can tell it was made with care.  So I ordered one for myself.  Started thinking of a costume to go to comic cons with because Sean wants a Sith costume for himself.  I now have the beginnings of a Sith Inquisitor Sorceress costume and I have the confidence to actually go out and wear it in public.

This is pretty new for me.  My whole life I would never have willingly drawn attention to myself.  I never would have dressed up and gone out, never mind actually being excited to dress up and go out.  I ended up ordering two sabers for me (exactly the same, to make a staff) and a surprise one for Sean that he desperately wanted and then I won a saber and gave that to Zoey and now SHE wants to dress up and join us too!  Sean also bought his daughter a saber for her 16th birthday and she’s really into Furries (she actually makes them and is very very talented) and she’s going to turn one of her characters into a Star Wars character and join us too.  This is so awesome.

I also joined a forum with Sean and while I’m not nearly as active as he is, I find it quite enjoyable to see what everyone else gets for sabers and what they do for costumes.  I guess there was a cool geek hiding inside me this whole time. And I’m glad I finally have the confidence to let her out.  2016-03-31 21.52.29



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