Gastric Bypass Update

Good morning!  Today I will be updating you on my Gastric Bypass and weight, etc.  To remind you where I came from, I was referred to the Bariatric Clinic weighing in at 320 lbs.  I was about 32 years old and had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I could barely walk, my mood/depression was scary low, I was sleeping 16 hours per day and in general being a really shitty person and mother.

I decided to do something.  I decided I didn’t want to wait around to die.  So I asked for the referral.  It takes about 2 years from initial referral to surgery and I was almost smack dab on that timeline.  May 21, 2014 was my special day.  I went in and had the Roux-en-Y procedure.

Pre-Surgery Stats:

Highest weight – 320 lbs

Bust measurement – 58 inches

Waist measurement – 59 inches

Surgery weight – 277 lbs

It has been one year and 9 (ish) months since surgery.  My whole life has changed.  My personality is different, my energy levels are up really high and my desire to do things actually came back.  I enjoy life for the most part now.  My doctor actually said I’m starting to feel “normal” on these meds that I’m on paired with the confidence of looking like a “real person” and not a morbidly obese oddity.  I said to her at a follow-up the other day that for the most part I feel happy and satisfied with my life but sometimes when I’m stressed I get down but I don’t stay down.  Apparently that’s normal and that’s what most people feel like!  Cool! I’m almost normal!! LOL

Anyway, current stats:

Weight: 148 lbs (I tend to bounce between 143 lbs – 148 lbs for the last 3 months)

Bust measurement – 36 inches

Waist measurement – 39 inches

So I would consider myself to be stabilized, weight wise, and I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon to see about having my “bump” removed (procedure called a panniculectomy).  It should be covered by my provincial health care plan as it is quite large and problematic.  In general, that’s the only thing I’m still self-conscious about.  I’m quite certain once my panniculectomy is done I won’t need boobs or my arms/legs done.  As much as I’d love a nice pair of boobs (as opposed to these deflated pancake ones) I think I’ll be happy just looking like I have a normal stomach and won’t need anything else.

So, I’m adding a couple pictures to show what a loss of 172 lbs looks like.  It’s not pretty, but I’m hopeful my appointment in April with the surgeon will go well and soon I’ll be showing you my awesome flat tummy with no “bumps”!





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