My first blog at my new computer station!

So this is my first blog at my new computer station, yay!

I recently came into a little bit of money, enough that I was able to catch up on all our bills and eliminate a couple personal loans.  It has also afforded me the opportunity to get a new vehicle – a sexy, black, 2006 Ford Escape (pronounced Escapé like Dori in Finding Nemo) – and this time it will be completely paid for by me, so no worries of it being repossessed or not being able to afford the monthly payments.

Not only was I able to catch up on all necessary bills and expenditures but I was also able to buy a few things on my wishlist that I just haven’t been able to spend money on when it was sorely needed for other things.  I got myself a pair of Doc Marten’s – a nice, soft leather so I don’t have to work them in.  Sean helped me put mink oil on them so they’re waterproof.  They look good.  I also bought this amazing red and black shirt, it has pleather accents and is very edgy looking.  I thought to myself, “this needs pleather pants” and one day I decided to go to Value Village (a thrift store) and voila! There was a pair of pleather skinny pants IN MY SIZE!!!  I wore that outfit yesterday and, with my new hairdo, I must admit I was HOT!  I got some more clothes, nothing too special but definitely needed, and some more from Value Village so I didn’t blow my whole lot on clothes.

One thing I did buy that Sean shakes his head over is a brand new Iphone 6s.  Brand new as in not used, lol.  This is significant because all my phones have been used.  It turns out I’m an Apple girl and I keep trying Android phones but they just don’t please me as much as an iPhone does… and let me tell you this 6s is AMAZING.  I love it.  Totally worth the money.

I also completed my fancy dinner outfit.  We’re going to a fancy restaurant in a couple weeks and I saw this red Marilyn Monroe-type dress that I fell in love with.  I tried it on – turns out it fits!  So I bought it.  I also got a jacket to go with it and a beautiful pair of red/black shoes and some dark black opaque stockings.  I’m going to look amazing… just saying.  🙂

Not only did I buy a ton of stuff for me (most on sale or clearance!) I was able to help get a couple extras for Sean and Zoey.  I helped Sean out by ordering his microphone and dictation software.  I can hear him upstairs talking to his computer and it’s awesome.  This software listens and learns his speech patterns and virtually eliminates the need for a keyboard/mouse.  This is good as he has struggled with typing (two fingers as opposed to my 90+ WPM) and reaching for the mouse makes his back hurt.

So, further to my last post about having my own office space in the basement, I went ahead and bought a new computer desk.  It is beautiful.  It has a keyboard tray that fits the mouse beside it (bonus!!!), a work area, a raised monitor area and two raised accessory shelves which I’m using as speaker shelves.  I love my little corner.  I know this is a rambling, pointless post but I wanted to write something at my new desk.  🙂

Oh well, it’s after 2 am and I should work on getting sleepy again.  Good night, WordPress world.


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