My own space

So the old saying you don’t know what you’re missing is totally true.  Yesterday I was able to set up my new computer in the rec room, taking it out of its original spot in the master bedroom.  This is significant because I always felt uncomfortable with the idea of blogging, either because I’d have to use Sean’s computer (which is hard because we both have odd sleep schedules so I never know when he’s going to be up wanting to use it) or because I’d be wanting to use mine when Sean’s asleep and I wouldn’t want to bother him with my click-clacking keyboard strokes (especially because I type so quickly it’s quite a bit of click-clacking).

Anyway, so now I have my own little corner of the rec room for my computer and I almost cried when it was finally set up.  I never knew not having my own personal space in this house was bothering me until now.  I have nothing of import to blog about today, but I wanted to write one because I can.  Because I don’t have to worry about typing to fast or too loudly.  I like this.  More blogging to follow 🙂



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