Shove it up your…

So lately I’ve been having some medical issues that have been severely and negatively impacting my quality of life (and the quality of life for those who live with me).  My doctors and I are working on getting everything figured out, but the whole process has led me to wonder why we don’t treat the body as a whole.

I’ve suffered with terrible headaches since I was a young child.  Mostly they’re tension headaches that try their hardest to be migraines and kill me (so, for ease of understanding for most people I call them migraines, even though technically they’re not) but I ALWAYS have some form of a headache.  I call it a brain cloud (thanks to Tom Hanks in the movie Joe Vs. the Volcano – the first movie I ever saw in theatres) and it doesn’t hurt per se (or maybe I’m just so used to having it I don’t notice the pain anymore) so when I DO say I have a headache it’s because it’s something different and actually does hurt now.  Today, I have a headache.  But here’s the thing… I’ve NEVER had my head looked at.  No CT scans or X-Rays or MRI’s or whatever to see if there’s anything wrong.

These are the medical issues/symptoms I’ve been suffering with:

– Nerve problems in right leg/foot
– Prolapsed Uterus
– Constipation
– Abdominal cramping
– Ovarian Cyst
– Irregular Periods
– Stiff and sore neck when extending backwards
– Clumsiness
– Memory and attention troubles
– Depression/anxiety and mood swings
– Pins/needles sensation in hands when working on computers for long periods (i.e. work)
– Urge to pee often (every hour usually, even at night) and urgently
– Trouble holding urine in (incontinence) or urge to go desperately but only a little comes out
– Trouble initiating urine flow
– Lightheadedness when rising but also at random times
– Fatigue
– Constant headaches (Brain Clouds)
– Trouble Sleeping (1.5 hours at a time max, usually can only fit 2 or 3 cycles in during the night – approx 4.5 hours max sleep per night and broken/not deep)
– Nausea/trouble eating not related to surgery

So, as far as all the doctors have told me none of this can be directly attributed to my weight-loss surgery.  Of course the doctors have been treating everything individually.  I have a nerve doctor looking at my leg, my OB/GYN is dealing with the prolapse.  No one seems to care about the constipation as they keep telling me it’s diet changes (except nothing has changed diet wise) and they don’t seem to care that as the constipation flares up so does the prolapse.  I researched it and a prolapsed uterus CAN cause/irritate constipation and the excruciating pain that doesn’t even consider getting better with an ER administered IV drip of morphine apparently isn’t important enough to take note of.  Apparently women live with ovarian cysts all the time and only have them removed if there’s an issue.  I get bad cramping in my left side (right in the same area as my left ovary – the one with the cyst) when I do any kind of physical activity… but, again, this doesn’t seem to be important to anyone (even though it meant I had to quit my job as a maid).

I won’t go through details of every symptom/complaint but the gist of it is I am CONVINCED they are all related as they all get worse at the same time.  AND I NEVER had these issues (or at least the severity of these issues) before so that’s why I’m certain they connect.  I want someone to look at my head (with an MRI) as I think that’s the area with the most common symptoms and seeing as how a lot of these symptoms are shared with MS I’d really really REALLY like to have that considered BEFORE it gets so bad I’m in a wheelchair or whatnot.

So why can’t the medical profession link everything together and test for things that encompass all (or most) of the symptoms?  I don’t want tests on my leg, on my uterus, on my ovary, on my stomach, on my bowels and all by different specialists… I want tests that will determine the ROOT CAUSE of the problems not just individual issues that all seem to come back clear.

My GP is having my vitamin levels tested because she thinks a vitamin deficiency is the cause of all these problems.  I looked at the requisition and it’s pretty much the same test they gave me a month ago that showed my iron, vitamin d, vitamin b12 and calcium were low. So unless these results come back with a significant drop in numbers I’m going to argue that the level of “worseness” in my symptoms that have occurred since my last lab test does NOT correlate with the vitamin levels being the same “lowness” or only slightly lower… especially since I’ve been way more compliant on my vitamins (seeing as how I didn’t take them at all for several months) I take them more often than not, now.

Plan of attack: I have a referral back to my old psychiatrist for the depression/anxiety medication issues, and a referral to a mental health counsellor within our GP’s practice.  I have a referral to a dietitian through my GP’s office (as the dietitian at the bariatric clinic was telling me a good way to up my calories to stop losing weight was to do things like add sugar to my cereal… empty calorie white sugar to cereal that I’m not supposed to eat because it’s all carbs?  Are you SURE you’re a dietitian?  Because I’m pretty sure as a formerly super morbidly obese diabetic telling me to go back to eating crap is probably not a good idea…).

I’m waiting for a date for my hysterectomy but in the meantime my OB/GYN inserted a pessary to help with the prolapse.  It didn’t work – made things MUCH more painful.  It was in for 7 hours and I had to take it out.  Am going back to her today to tell her to shove it up HER …

I’m going to try very hard not to let this get to me but the combination of sleep deprivation and constant pain/discomfort is really getting me down and moody/snappy.  I apologize to everyone I offend.  And to those I haven’t… don’t worry, I’ll get to you soon.


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