July 21st – 2 month surg-a-versary day!

Today I went to the gym and did my first work out. It went better than I expected. I was sweating, but not profusely like I would have been had I went last year at 320lbs. I also invested in 7 hour-long personal training sessions and I really like my trainer, Brenda. She’s probably 10 years my junior but is super friendly and motivating.

I had been feeling nauseous whenever I eat since about July 1st. Went for my scope last week and no findings – everything looks good. I have no ulcers and no strictures – basically no reason why I should be getting sick. I moved to Guelph last weekend and was feeling quite sick. When I think back, I think it might be stress related because I seem to feel I’ll whenever I’m stressed out. Like today, I went to drop off a couple resumes and I was feeling nauseous.

Treatment is gravol every 4 hours, but I haven’t been taking it because I can handle it. I haven’t actually thrown up in over a week.

Guelph is going well. I’m really enjoying being with Sean and we’re spending a lot of time together. I just wish I could find a job here!

My clothes are beginning to really not fit. I mean they’re hanging off me! Which should be a good feeling, but with money being tight it’s a pain. I found a couple shirts at value village today so that’s good.

Here are my numbers:
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Surgery date weight: 277 lbs
Today’s weight: 244 lbs


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