Day 34 – 270.0 lbs

Still at 270.0 lbs.  Haven’t really lost anything for 3 days now, I’m not worried yet but I’m disappointed.  I liked seeing the scale move every day. 

Today I don’t feel well.  My tummy isn’t happy with me for some reason.  I was so gassy last night that it kept me awake and now I’m going to the toilet every half hour or so.  Wondering if I’m having an intolerance to milk?  I’ve never had a problem with milk before so I don’t know if that would be it.

I want to scream at some people.  On one of my Facebook support groups there is a girl from Canada asking about how to make her Optifast shakes more palatable.  Someone from the states has told her to put peanut butter in it.  The whole point of being on optifast before surgery is to shrink your liver and to get OFF food.  You’re not supposed to put hunks of peanut butter in it.  If you were, they’d have told you.  I tried telling her this, but she wants to listen to the other girl who says she did it and was fine.  Well, whatever.  I tried to warn you – if this derails your surgery it’s on you not me.  That’s the bad thing about support groups – you might get good advice and support, but on the other hand you’re not asking experts so you can get some real crap advice.

From reading some posts I’ve learned a couple things.  #1 – I’m going to lose my boobs.  Not everyone does, but those who don’t tend to be huge to start with and I’m not.  So I’m probably going to lose mine.  #2 – My feet will likely shrink a size or two.  Which is good, especially if they shrink width wise so I can wear cute heels 🙂

Well other than that nothing exciting is going on.  Wait till tomorrow when I can eat mushy food – then I’ll have something to talk about!

Todays weight: 270.0

Weight loss since surgery: 285.3 – 270.0 = 15.3 lbs

Weight loss since I started this journey: 320 – 270.0 = 50 lbs



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