Day 32 – 270.2 lbs

todaybefore surgery septemberbefore surgery july

Happy day!  I may be still struggling financially, but I had a great day.  I spent time with my daughter and, even though she went home early due to a lack of solid food in the house, we had a great time.  I wasn’t feeling all that well today and had a couple naps, but in between and now I feel amazing.  I’m mentally hungry but have found other things to occupy my time.  Namely, support groups. 

I joined a couple bypass groups on Facebook and put up a couple questions.  And I got TONNES of responses.  I’ve been going off and on through other peoples’ posts and everyone is so encouraging and friendly.  It is AWESOME to talk to people who are at the same stage as me, are a little ahead or are years post op.  It’s great to hear everyone’s stories.  I’m feeling so amazing and supported by everyone around me.

Also making me feel good is that I found a picture of me back in September 2013 when my whole family got together and took professional pictures.  At the time I was quite horrified with how they turned out.  Not only was I the fat one in the family (which I’m used to) but I was way fatter than I’d ever been.  My face was huge.  So I took a “selfie” today to see if I could tell a difference… and MAN, what a difference!!!

So I’m going to post my before and during photos today. First photo is me today. Second is me in September 2013, and third is me in July 2013. 



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