Day 30 – 269.2 lbs

Good morning! I wake up today with a weight off my chest.  I’ve been having chest pains for the past few days and I went to my follow up appointment with my GP who told me to go to the hospital.  She was worried about a blood clot.  So I went to the ER at St. Joe’s in Hamilton (about an hour away) because the Bariatric team suggests if possible to go back to the place that did the surgery as they have the experts there.  I got there at the same time as the rest of Hamilton decided to be sick.  The triage nurse said it was dead all morning and got super busy about 10 minutes before I got there.  Yay me.  I was only waiting for triage for about 20 minutes and thought maybe they’d be rushing me through seeing as how if it was a blood clot I could die… Well the triage nurse was super nice.  She took all my information and took my health card.  Looking at the picture, then looking at me, she says “How long ago was your surgery?” to which I replied “8 days” and she says “Wow.  You lost a lot of weight even before the surgery” which actually made me feel good because, of course, with low self esteem you don’t really notice any difference.  I look the same to me as I did 1 year and 50.8 lbs ago. 

So I’m done with the triage nurse and go to a waiting room where I wait for about 2 hours (by now it’s about 3 pm)  I finally get called in to see the ER doctor and I’m excited – this wasn’t as long as I expected it to be and good thing because I’m hungry and can’t eat anything the hospital sells.  So the ER doc asks me a bunch of questions and says “OK I’ll be right back,” but he never came back.  About 45 minutes later a nurse comes over and tells me to go to another waiting room. 

At the next waiting room I only waited about 20 minutes.  Then I got an ECG and blood work and moved on to another waiting room.  This waiting room was for an X-ray and I wasn’t there very long at all.   Then I got moved to another waiting room where I waited for HOURS.  I ended up with a CT scan (which feels very weird BTW – the dye they put in your veins gives you a feeling like you’re peeing your pants) because the X-ray was clear and my blood work was a little wonky but that could have been just from the surgery, not necessarily an indicator if I have a clot or not. 

After ELEVEN hours (yes, 11 freaking hours – I wasn’t the only one who took this long either) I was released as the CT scan came up clear.  I was told I have no indications of a blood clot and I must have pulled a muscle or just still been sore from surgery.  So I made my way home.  At 12:15 AM I arrived at my house, 10.5 hours before I need to go back to the same hospital an hour away to have a follow up appointment with my surgeon.  I was tempted to spend the night in the SUV so I didn’t have to make the trek again LOL but I was so tired I just wanted my bed and my CPAP machine.  I think when I finally made it into bed I might have blinked once and then passed out. 

My CPAP machine is acting up.  I need to ask about that at my appointment this morning.  I wonder if they pressure will need to be changed?  Because what I find happening is the seal will break and I’ll end up breathing through my mouth, waking up with a dreadfully dry mouth several times per night.  I can’t help but think maybe my pressure is too much and that’s why I’m suffering. 

Oh well, I feel better knowing I have no blood clot.  I wasn’t as worried as my doctor was, but she’s a great doctor so I listen when she tells me to do things.  She also didn’t yell at me or say anything about me being off my psych meds.  I had to stop taking them a few weeks ago because I couldn’t afford to renew the prescription.  I weaned myself off them over the course of about 3 weeks during the time where I wasn’t getting paid by disability and work hadn’t been paying me either.  I’m actually feeling really good without them.  I have more energy, although I tend to weep very easily at things like commercials or pictures of things that are happy/sad moments.  I DO NOT recommend going off your medications without a doctors consent though so DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME.  ALWAYS SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE CHANGING YOUR MEDS.  Not everyone will have a good experience like I was lucky enough to have. 

As for getting paid… well FINALLY disability has my paperwork.  They haven’t processed it yet, but they have it.  So I’ll hopefully be getting paid all that they owe me since March 3rd. 

My diabetes seems to be under control too.  My lowest sugar was 3.7 while I was in the hospital and my highest was 6.3 after lunch.  So I’ll probably be able to be a diet controlled diabetic from now on.  SUPER exciting!

Well I think that’s it for today.  I’ve got to leave in about an hour to go to my follow up with the surgeon.  I’ve got some questions I’ve got to re-think of since I’ve forgotten them all and know I used to have about 5.

Weight today: 269.2 lbs

Weight loss since surgery: 16.1

Weight loss since April 30 when I started Optifast diet: 22.2

Weight loss since 1 year ago when I started this process: 50.8



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