Day 27 – 270.4 lbs

Today was kind of a bad day.  I was feeling sore and tired from walking around the mall and doing stuff the last couple days since I’ve been home from the hospital.  My stomach muscles are a bit sore, and I’m still pretty gassy when I eat or if I move around too much.  I know I need to get the gas out, and moving around is the answer, but too much moving gives me chest pain and severe abdominal pain which I had yesterday and a little left over today.  I decided I wasn’t going to do much today and was just going to have a lazy day but my boyfriend was concerned I was going to be like this forever.  Which I thought was unfair, but of course I didn’t say anything because I don’t like confrontations.  So we went to Target today and did some walking.  I was pretty uncomfortable by the end of the store but I didn’t say much as it was bad but it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday. 

I did some research on food intake, calories, etc. and found a “handbook” given out in Minnesota USA to its bypass patients.  It actually had a lot more post-op information in it that I found useful.  I found out my continued gas is completely normal and that for the next year I can expect to intake approximately 600 calories a day.  It also had some pretty good examples of how to get all your protein in during the day so I printed out a bunch of papers.  I’ll bring them to my dietitian’s appointment whenever it is I get one.  I emailed my dad and asked when he had bowel surgery how his gas pains were and he says his got to be excruciating.  Mine haven’t been that bad since day 1 post-op but they’re still bad.  He says he still gets bad pains some times depending on what he eats.  Good to note. 

I called the clinic back today to schedule a follow up appointment with the surgeon’s office.  Turns out I have one already scheduled for this Friday at 10:50 AM which no one bothered to tell me about.  Good thing I called!  So Thursday I go for a follow up with my family physician and then Friday with the clinic.  Busy week!

Next week, on Wednesday, I have to take my SUV in to the shop (for free) as it is still making that horrible noise.  I’m nervous to drive it to Guelph on this Thursday and back to Welland for Friday and then back again on the Wednesday but I’m really hoping it’ll be ok.  It’s good that it’s going to be for free as today only marks one week of it being in my posession. 

I have hiccups right now.  Talk about uncomfortable!  Hiccups are never fun, but with sore tummy muscles they’re REALLY not fun.  I’m trying everything I can think of to get rid of them, but I’ve had them for over half an hour already.  I have to be careful about complaining about them though because I do know they could be worse.  When Sean had them, he had them for 3 days straight. 

Other than the gas, runs and a bit of sore muscles I’m having no real side effects.  I can get up from sitting or lying down with virtually no pain and I haven’t taken pain killers once since I’ve been home.  I’m still going to stay off work until I’m pretty much healed and eating solids.  I sometimes feel like I should be losing more weight than I am, almost like I should wake up skinny as much as I know that’s very stupid and unrealistic.  But I’m losing about 2 lbs a day right now and that ROCKS. 

Todays Weight: 270.4

Weight 1 year ago when I started this process: 320

Weight 3 weeks before surgery, when taking Optifast diet: 291.4

Weight in hospital: 285.3

Total weight lost since hospital: 14.9

Total weight lost since April 30: 21

Total weight lost since 1 year ago: 49.6



  1. You’re doing really well. I can understand you’re keen for results, but remember that your body has to do it gradually so it doesn’t go into shock over it.
    It’s also good that you’re asking others about their experience and looking for good quality information. Knowledge is the best preparation!

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