Day 26 – 272.6 lbs

Today started off great.  I woke up in hardly any pain from incisions or gas at all.  I took Sean to St. Catharines, showed him where I worked and where is favourite radio station is.  We then went to the mall to walk around.  We got about half way through the mall and I had to ask him to slow down as I was starting to hurt.  We turned around and came back and then drove to Canadian Tire.  My new (less than a week in my posession) SUV was making an awful noise.  By the time we got to Canadian Tire I had to ask Sean if we could leave because I was in a lot of pain.  I’m still in pain and its been almost 10 hours.  I’m actually having chest pains. 

Good thing was I got a follow up call from the surgical ward of the Bariatric Clinic and they said they aren’t worried based on how I’m explaining it.  Sounds like I might have just pulled something from walking too much.  I expressed some concern about how to get all my protein and calories in when I can eat real food and she suggested when I get a call back from the surgeon to arrange to see a dietitian as well.  I thought that was a good idea so that’s what I’m going to do.  Also, because my sugar’s been pretty low for me, it’s a good idea to find out how to keep it up by eating protein and not sugar. 

So I had my sister and her husband come and look at my SUV.  They’re both mechanics.  They took it out for a drive and came back and said they were worried about me driving it, especially since the place I bought it from and have a warranty with is in Guelph.  So I called my salesman and told him my concerns and he said he knew what the problem was and to call and make an appointment.  When I told them that it was brake clips on the new brakes that were rubbing they both disagreed and said there’s no way a clip is making that noise and shaking the whole car.  So I took it to their house and Theresa jacked it up and took the wheel apart.  Nothing visibly wrong so she put it back together and tightened everything.  We took it out again and the sound is gone so who knows what the problem was?  What I’m going to do is make an appointment to have it looked at for free on Friday when I’m in Guelph and if I don’t hear the noise before then I’ll just cancel it.  Sean and I were both pretty disappointed that it was scary after only 6 days in our posession but it seems like it might be ok now. 

Other than that, nothing exciting going on here.  I still haven’t thrown up, and I found out that burpy feeling I get after I eat is an indication I’ve eaten/drank too fast.  So I’m resolved to try and slow down.  I had a nice cup of decaf tea with milk and it lasted about 40 minutes.  So I’m still going faster than the hour they want me to take, but I’ll learn.  I’m thinking of getting small plates (like really small) from the dollar store so that I can have small portions and not feel left out.  Because even my small plates are actually pretty big and I’m having a lot of success with portion control with my applesauce, yogurt, and ice cream by using a 125 ml plastic cup I got at the hospital.  The only thing concerning me about food today is that I want to eat even though I’m not hungry.  So I’m doing other things like talking to Sean, blogging and going out.  I’m doing really well at not eating out of boredom because even if I only eat 125 ml at a time right now, eventually my tummy will stretch and I’ll start eating more and then I won’t keep losing weight and I’ll disappoint too many people (most importantly myself). 

Here are my numbers for today:

Current weight: 272.6

Weight loss since hospital weight: 12.7




  1. It’s great you got the car sorted.
    It’s normal to have pain after surgery – don’t forget your body has been through quite some trauma even though you can’t see it so much from the outside. Everything from the gas they use to the incisions and the stitches will cause you pain if you move too much and you’ll end up in bed for a couple of days in a world of pain because your body is telling you to stop. You have to remember to give it time to heal.

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