Day 24 – 278.4 lbs

Hello 🙂  I’m happy today because I finally got released from the hospital.  I had to stay an extra day because my hemoglobins were down, even though surgery went well and I didn’t bleed out or anything like that.  Dr. says surgery was perfect and he couldn’t have asked for better.  The last couple days I was in agony with gas pain but it’s starting to pass.  Right now I feel mild discomfort from the incision sites and a bit of pain when I “eat.”  I don’t feel full it feels like I have a gas bubble so it rumbles and hurts when I breathe in.  I guess that’s my cue to stop “eating.”  Today I had 2 Boost Diabetic meal replacements, 125 ml of diet peach juice, 125 ml of diet lemonade, a couple sips of gross hospital broth, and a bunch of water while I was at the hospital.  I had 2 meal replacements because my sugar dropped under 4 and they needed to get it back up.  When I got home I tried my new protein shakes.  SUPER GROSS.  But a fitness guru friend of mine suggested I mix it with my plain Greek yogurt so I did.  It turned into a vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt soup but it was tasty.  Better than broth and water.  So it took a few hours to eat that, I also tried to have some pudding but got less than 1/2 through the cup before I felt yucky.  I checked my sugar close to bed time and it was low again, so I got myself 3 spoonfuls of low fat, no sugar added, lactose free vanilla ice cream by Chapmans.  It sounded like it might taste yucky, but it was actually really good.  I’m glad I bought it. 


Haven’t really begun to lose any weight yet, but I’ve also only been off the IV for about 12 hours.  I should start dropping weight soon.  I’m also not feeling any side effects like lethargy or anything like that.  But I’m probably not nutrient difficient yet either.  Goal for tomorrow: take ALL  my medicine/herbals/vitamins at the PROPER time.  Sounds easy, but I’ve been having a rough time remembering.  I’ve got to set some alarms or something. 


Well, I’m tired.  Will post pictures of the incisions tomorrow (yay you!) just wanted to check in.

Todays weight: 278.4

Total weight lost since surgery (day 21): -1.4

Total weight lost since beginning this journey a year ago: 41.6



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