May 23rd – day 2 post op

Ask and you shall receive. Today I asked the nurse if there was a scale I could step on to get my weight. She warned me it would be higher than I expect because of all the iv fluids I’ve been taking. It is 285.3. Which is pretty good. I calculated my BMI and at 320 lbs I started off with 50.1. Now, at 285.3, I have a BMI of 44.6. The nurse said that was a great drop and actually asked how I had done it.

I’m so tired today. Have been sleeping off and on all day and then walking in between naps. I didn’t get released today like I had expected because my hemoglobin was low. Lucky me because of the stress I ended up with my period while I was being operated on and I have a history of long and heavy periods. Thankfully this was heavy but seems to be clearing up rather quickly. They tested me again and there has been no change in my hemoglobin levels so the nurses don’t see a reason why I can’t go home tomorrow. Of course I don’t have a ride again because I expected to be released today…

I’m so terribly bored. I’m finally allowed to drink 120 ml of clear fluid per hour and I was given a lemon Popsicle for dinner! It was yummy. The girl I share a room with didn’t get a Popsicle but she asked and they brought her one too. My tummy is still pretty gassy but not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I haven’t taken any pain meds since last night, but probably will around bed time because I have a headache. It still hurts when I breathe deeply or twist certain ways. And God forbid I try sleeping on my side! But for the most part I’m uncomfortable not in pain.

The only time I’m in acute pain is when the girl beside me gets up. She either doesn’t fit in a gown or just doesn’t care but she walks around with EVERYTHING hanging out. And goes the bathroom with the door open. She’s had it pretty rough. Her surgery was a few days ago but the pain never left her. Turns out her colon twisted and she had to go back in for another surgery to fix it. I’m glad nothing like that has happened to me.

I called work and disability today. Disability says they still haven’t received any paperwork about me being off at all. HR says they’ll get back to us but maybe we should re-fill out the paperwork. I’m furious but in too much discomfort to do anything.

Well I’m going to go. Getting drowsy again.

Weight: 285.3
Weight lost since starting optifast: 6.1


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