Day 22 – one day post operative

Today has been more of the same. I’m in pain but not at the incision sites, which must mean it’s from the gas they pumped into my abdomen. I’ve been up walking around trying to get the gas out but it’s not working. Despite that the nurses and doctor says I’m doing very well.

I’m still super thirsty but I’m actually allowed to drink… Sort of. I can only drink 30 ml at a time. As of how I’m up to 90 ml per hour. Basically that translates into 3 almost mouthfuls per hour. Not nearly enough if I’m walking around or talking. Thankfully the hours are going by pretty quickly for lunch I as given some jello and some diet lemonade. Better tasting than water. The jello and lemonade were when I was taking 60 ml per hour so they each lasted 3 hours long. For dinner I get another thing of lemonade and the paper says I’m supposed to get a coffee but I didn’t. I’m not making a fuss though seeing as how I don’t like coffee.

I called disability today as they never called me back and they were supposed to last Friday. They still haven’t gotten any records of me being on disability. So I called my boss and freaked out. He’s emailing someone in HR and telling them to call me ASAP. Of course they haven’t called yet either. So God only knows when I’ll be getting a pay cheque.

I got a phone call last night while I was in recovery and didn’t have my phone with me. It was in response to a job I applied for. So I called them back this morning but they never answered. I left a voicemail but they haven’t called me back either. I don’t recognize the name of the company but I recognize the job title and it is one I wanted. I think it’s through a hiring agency and that’s why the company name didn’t sound familiar.

I haven’t been able to weigh myself today either. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to go home so I’ll do it then. Talk to you guys soon!


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