TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! Day 21 – May 21, 2014

Today I have my gastric bypass surgery!  I think I might be nervous subconsciously because I haven’t slept well the past 3 nights.  As it is, today, I’ve been up for almost an hour and it’s only 2:42 AM.  I’m also very hungry seeing as how I haven’t been allowed to have any shakes or anything other than water for the past 2 days.  And since midnight I haven’t been able to have even water or cough drops for when I start coughing.  I’m pretty tired, even though I can’t sleep, so after this I think I’m going to try for a couple more hours. 

One good thing about not being able to eat for 2 days is I’ve lost like 9 pounds.  Bad thing – loose BM’s.  Funny side note: Sean and I went to Rona yesterday and there was a car with a licence plate “BM KING” lol.  Why anyone would want that as a licence plate I’ll never know.  Anyway yesterday was an up and down kind of day.  I didn’t sleep well, but other than that it started off good.  First we went and printed out my resume since I had a job interview that afternoon.  I almost got a parking ticket, but SEan talked the guy out of it.  Then we went to Rona to do some “window” shopping.  They didn’t have what we were looking for (what we found they sold online). Then we stopped and got coffee from the K Cup place, and a bit of food from the grocery store.  We then went back to Sean’s place and relaxed for a couple hours. 

After a couple hours of relaxing it was time for me to go to my job interview.  We mapped out where I was supposed to go, but I didn’t write down detailed instructions because I have GPS on my phone.  Before the interview I was supposed to meet a guy about trading phones.  It turns out I’m not an Android kind of girl and wanted an iPhone back.  For some reason leaving Guelph and just entering Cambridge (where the interview and phone transaction was taking place) my data plan just all of a sudden died.  I couldn’t get a GPS signal any more, couldn’t pull up a map, couldn’t Google anything… it was horrible!  Of course I didn’t have any maps in the car I could read either so I pulled over and got directions to the meeting place.  It didn’t surprise me that the instructions weren’t good and I got lost again.  My text was working so I was able to text the guy I was meeting and get him to Google me the directions.  Turns out he wanted to back out of the transaction because he discovered his phone was worth more than mine (which I knew, but hoped he wouldn’t LOL).   So I said OK and he said if I put more money down he’d sell it to me. I only had an extra $30 instead of the $50 he wanted, but he let me take it with that. 

By the time I got to the meeting place I had missed my interview.  Of course I couldn’t pull up the email with the information on it so I couldn’t call them to let them know what was happening.  So I got to the meeting place and had to wait almost a half hour before buddy showed up.  We looked over the phones and made our trade.  I then got him to give me directions to the mall so I could get a new SIM card.  When I arrived at the mall and got the SIM card, of course the phone wasn’t working.  I spent nearly 45 minutes working with the sales rep trying to get the phone to work.  Finally he suggested I call the guy and get my phone back because he didn’t think it was unlocked properly.  We had previously tried rebooting the phone twice and it still said “No Service”.  So I got the guy to write down directions on how to get back to Guelph and left, dejected.  When I arrived at my car for some reason I decided to reboot my phone again.  And what happened?  It worked.  All of a sudden I had service (both data and voice) and I was able to map a better way home.  This whole ordeal took over 2 hours. 

So as crappy as my day had been going I knew I had something to look forward to… Yesterday I got my new SUV! Well, new for me… but still.  It’s a 2010 Santa Fe Sport.  I love it.  It’s all black, partial leather interior, power everything, sun roof… I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can remember.  So Sean and I went and traded in my crappy car for this beauty.  It was so comfortable to drive home.  Handles beautifully and rides smoothly.  When we got to Welland (my home) we also were selling my dining room table and the guys who were buying that showed up within a few minutes.  They moved the table and it was time for me to go to my daughters place to bring her the phone charger she left over the weeekend.  Zoey loved the SUV too.  We took a ride to the bank and she was blaring the music LOL.  I have to admit it sounds pretty good. 

So yesterday was an up and down day.  Today is hopefully going to be all up!  I’m excited for my surgery, for changing my life for the better.  I have so many supportive people behind me and my sister is driving me to the hospital today.  Sean will be staying with me for a few hours to make sure I survive and am OK.  He’s also going to text Zoey so she knows I’m doing well.  Zoey has been worrying and crying over it.  I feel badly for her, but don’t know how to ease her fears.  Sean says he doesn’t have the doom feeling so he thinks it will be ok. LOL.  I’m sure it will be.  Next blog will be from the hospital!

Weight this morning: 277.0

Total weight lost since starting Optifast 3 weeks ago: 14.4


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