Day 9, May 9 2014

Today I get to hang out with Zoey! (My beautiful daughter)  She’s 12 going on 20 and looks about 16.  Ouch.  Anyway we’re having a really great time today.  Which is good, she’s still kind of mad that I sent her to her dad’s to live.  She even said today that she thought she could tell I was losing weight.  I don’t know if she’s right (I can’t tell) but I do think my face might be shrinking. 

I went over the list of foods I’m allowed to eat and when.  It is good – I’ll be on the diet for life at 6 weeks… which is 3 days before my dad’s wedding.  I don’t know what kinds of foods he’ll be having, but I’m sure there will be pasta (which I’m supposed to avoid) and salad (which I’m ok to eat, I think, provided there is low-fat dressing).  I hope there’s food I can eat and that will be yummy for me. 

I cheated today.  Not bad, but I drank some juice.  Full-sugar, non-clear juice.  It was delicious.  I avoided the pizza though – so bonus.  I also tried the Optifast in chocolate.  Haven’t tried it in the pudding/cake batter form yet but the drink isn’t as good as the vanilla.  It’s not as thick feeling (the vanilla kind of feels like you’re drinking milk). 

Anyway, I can’t concentrate with Zoey sitting over my shoulder.  So let’s get down to the numbers.


Today’s weight: 280.4

Total weight lost: 11 lbs


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