Day 8, May 8th 2014

Good evening!  Today I’m feeling markedly better from yesterday, partly because I attended a nutrition class at the hospital and partly because I was with Sean for the morning.  Oh and I got to eat a PB sandwich!  Don’t get all upset… my sugar dropped below 4 (it was 3.5) and I forgot I had juice boxes in the fridge.  I’ll tell you, though, I don’t feel guilty but I do feel satisfied.  Not full, but not empty anymore. 

At the nutrition class I sat beside a man, mid 40’s, who weighed probably 300 lbs but didn’t look that big.  He said he’s lost 40 lbs being on the Optifast diet for 3 weeks, but he hasn’t cheated once.  He kept talking during the class, which was a little annoying, but he was funny and kept saying everyone looked like chicken wings.  That probably doesn’t sound funny to you, but when you haven’t eaten any food for weeks everything and everyone reminds you of what you crave.  I saw people drinking Tim Hortons frozen lemonades… I was jealous but then I thought how they were ruining their diet because that is so full of sugar and probably isn’t considered a clear fluid. 

The nutrition class went well.  Found out I can get my calcium suppliments from Wal-Mart which rocks because there they have liquid or chewable versions.  The ones I take now are giant horse pills and they are so chalky they make me gag even when I take them cut in half.  I was reminded I need to go buy protein powder and/or shakes for after surgery as these will be my main source of protein for the first few weeks after surgery.  Not quite sure where the $ is coming from to get that… but we’ll figure it out.  I also figured out that most people have no major problems after surgery if they follow the rules – eat slowly, stick to the prescribed foods at the prescribed times, etc. and so I feel completely confident in my decision to continue on.   They also mentioned how our diabetes might disappear depending on how badly and how long you’ve had it.  Well mine was pretty bad (target sugar is around 5, mine was 18 before it was treated) but I’ve only been diagnosed for a year so it’s quite possible it’ll go away.  That would be nice. 

After the nutrition class I was supposed to go pick up my remaining 4 boxes of Optifast.  For some unknown reason, I forgot and started home.  Good thing Google updated its maps which now take me the scenic route everywhere (which is otherwise QUITE ANNOYING!) because I was able to turn around after 10 minutes of driving and go back to the hospital.  Unfortunately, I had to pay $3.50 on top of the already $14 parking fee since I went back.  But I managed to get my shakes.  Haven’t tried the chocolate yet, but chatty guy from nutrition class suggests putting some raspberry Mio in it.  The handout we got in class also says we can dissolve some instant coffee to make a mocha… I’m not a big fan of coffee, but I can see it being a big hit with some people. 

Oh!  I forgot the most horrible/wonderful part of the class… The handout we were given was SUPPOSED to be given to us by the pharmacist (but over half of us never received) says we can eat some veggies while on the Optifast diet.  Horrible because I’m mentally starving for no reason!  Wonderful because I can have the following (up to 2 cups a day): green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, celery, cabbage and cucumber.  I’m also allowed to use a small amount (1 tbsp) of low-calorie dressing with the vegetables.  Can we say salad??? I’m so excited!! So now I don’t have to feel badly when I’m desperate to cheat… I can have some veggies and dressing and it’s all OK!  This also means I can eat with Sean and he won’t have to feel badly about eating in front of me.  I’ve told him his eating doesn’t bother me, and mostly it doesn’t, but he still feels badly.  I’ve mentioned this before, but he really is a great guy. 

I have one concern today… I think the weight I’ve lost so far is coming from my boobs.  They seem smaller to me, which is not a good thing because I didn’t have the biggest rack to begin with.  And I like boobs.  Girls should have boobs, and bigger girls should have bigger boobs.  *sigh*

Other than that, everything is good.  I’m sorry yesterdays post wasn’t so upbeat and didn’t contain much information but I was so miserable!  Today, not miserable at all.  🙂 Not even though I gained weight. This is a good thing (not the weight, my attitude)

Weight: 281.7 lbs

Weight lost so far:  9.7 lbs




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