Day 7 – May 7th 2014

So I’m writing this on my phone as for some reason my computer isn’t working. I had a rough day today. Just in a bad mood in general. I had a hard time concentrating and the girl I share an office with was eating sushi. I like sushi 😦

Other than that today was a good day. It was nice outside again and my dad stopped by to give me an invite to his wedding. I drove my daughter and her friends to kickboxing and came home and just vegged.  We are watching match game. Its not as good as the old version but I like some of the comedians on it. Later I have to drive Sean home. Its an hour and 45 minute drive and I’m not looking forward to being without him, but at least we have the drive and the night. Tomorrow I have to go for a nutrition class at the hospital. Mandatory for the surgery.

Hmm… well I don’t want to complain too much so I’ll focus on the good stuff.

Current weight: 280.4
Total weight lost: 11
Feeling: meh


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