Day 5 – May 5th 2014

So I went to work today and I was feeling pretty good about it.  I had my shakes all ready to go and planned on drinking all my water while I was there.  I was looking forward to seeing my pay stub for this Wednesday too, because I wasn’t sure how much I’d be getting but I thought it would be 3 weeks worth (since we forgot to put in one weeks time card on time I didn’t get paid 2 weeks last time).  Well, first, I forgot my parking money.  I was literally 2 minutes away from the office when I had to turn around and make the 20 minute highway drive back home and then another 20 minutes back to the office.  So I arrived at the office, paid for my parking and went to start my day. 

Things were going well, the girl I share an office with wasn’t there so it was quiet and I had work to do that was challenging in that I haven’t memorized all the steps yet so I need to read instructions every time.  So I logged onto the site that shows our pay stubs and there’s nothing there.  No pay stub showing for this week.  I asked my boss who I could talk to and he sent me a number with a message “let me know if there’s anything I can do to help” and I was thinking, “well you could loan me the amout of what my paycheque was supposed to be since I have bills to pay, etc…” but I didn’t say anything.  I called compensation and they put me on hold for almost 10 minutes.  They said they received my time sheets over the weekend so I won’t be getting any thing this week.  But I might get a supplimentary cheque next Wednesday, maybe Friday.  That’s nice.  Last week I got paid for 1 week only so I had to not pay some things, and now I’m not getting paid anything so I still can’t pay.  It’s not like I have time sensitive things to pay for, (like rent!) right? 

I ended up with a bad headache and stress in my shoulders and so I came home.  Even though I’m getting paid for the whole day (sick day) it still isn’t good.  I was freaking out trying to think of how I can get some money because I have 2 pre-op appointments in Hamilton which both occur before I will be getting paid next week.  But then Sean came to my rescue and reminded me that I’m supposed to be getting $80 from my daughter’s friend that I drive around (well, from her mom actually) and I’ll at least have gas and parking money for Hamilton.  As long as that money comes through… I hope it does.  I need it to come in.

I weighed myself when I got home and I haven’t lost any more weight.  I’ve actually gained 0.6 lbs.  I’m not worried, that’s probably water retention.  I am a bit hungry today.  I’m sitting here and yes, I’m bored, but also I’m hungry.  I have the desire to get up and go to the kitchen and see what I can eat.  I think I’ll have some broth before I have to pick up my daughter and her friend to go to kickboxing class. 


Weight: 284.0

Total weight lost: 7.4 lbs

Side effects – none (headache probably from stress)

Cheating – none


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